I’d Use Free Flash Drives for My Animation & Illustration Class

Too many of the students in my animation/illustration class use the excuse of not having the money for a flash drive of their own to justify why they couldn’t turn in their final project or midterm. If I could hand each one of them a flash drive with their syllabus at the beginning of the term, they’d be free to spend their energies on their assignments, rather than on making excuses. This would lead them to new breakthroughs in their studies, inspiring them, and driving them to succeed in the field, leading to a new animation renaissance the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades.

The generation which grows up watching their films will be inspired in turn, the beginning of a chain reaction which will lead our world into a new age of greater artistic vision and enlightenment. Brotherhood, prosperity, and joy for all people.

All thanks to those twenty five flash drives. So if I win them, I would be very appreciative.

Thanks, Adam! Our free flash drive contest is open to any group (church, school, nonprofit, individual, etc.). If you’re interested in entering, just swing by our Contest Entry Form and share (in 150 words) what your group would do with the flash drives if you won. Each month, we’ll select a winner and give away 25 custom branded 1 Gb flash drives.

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