Local Rock Bands Need Flash Drives for Promotion & Show Bookings

In his contest entry, Jeremy, a musician, writes,

I am in a local rock band, RELAPSE. The usefulness of having the flash drives would have no limit. We would use the flash drives for reviewing practice, transferring our music throughout various computers and networks, using them as demo drives, sharing vital information like bookings, budgeting, show dates, etc. We would also use the flash drives to store electronic press kits, banner and poster jpegs, and any flyers or pictures for ease and convenience.

They are small and portable, and are an important tool in music production. The flash drives could also be useful in the production of videos. Flash drives can be used as a fast and vital way to share important documents and information, allowing everyone to stay up to date. We would also use the flash drives to create a larger fan base due to their ability to house what you really want to pass along to your fans – your music.

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Thank you, Jeremy, for your submission! We wish you and your band the best of success.

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