How a Hospital Volunteer Director Desires to Reward Volunteers

Sharon, from Cone Health, in Reidsville, North Carolina shares the following in her contest submission:

I am a volunteer director at a not-for-profit, small community hospital in Reidsville, North Carolina. We have approximately 80 volunteers that faithfully serve our hospital, most of them over the age of 65. Many have various health-related problems and are on multiple medications. A large number are widows who live alone.

As a way of showing my appreciation for what they do for us, I would love to create a template for health-related information to load onto flash drives that they could keep in their purses in case of emergencies. On the drive, we could list their medicines, physicians, emergency numbers,a current photo of them, allergies, etc. We would start with the oldest and those who live alone, and work our way down.

If this works out well, it might be something that our hospital could do for others, including the senior groups in the local churches that provide snack baskets for our waiting rooms. We have some younger computer savvy volunteers that could assist with the data entry on the drives. I get excited thinking about the possibilities!

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You’ve got an awesome idea, Sharon! Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for what you do, directing the volunteer program at your hospital.

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